B-Top offers ministries suited to meet many needs - each providing support for your spiritual journey.

Mighty Men of BTOP:        


Ministry to men focused on issues particular to men who will be committed, courageous and caring.

BTOP Ladies of Praise:     


Ministry to women focused on issues particular to women, to become gifted, gracious and glowing.

BTOP Notch Youth:


This is a great place to meet other youth and discover their purpose. This ministry is open for ages 3 to 18.  We focus on reaching out to the youth in a relevant way through high-energy worship, current messages and an atmosphere that connects with all ages.  The goal of this ministry is to see our youth surrender, grow and mature in their walk with Christ, and they in turn point others to Christ !

BTOP Covenant Keepers:  


Married couples focused on issues particular to Marriage, being faithful, fruitful and fellowship.



“Living In Victory Everyday” Ministry to women & Men focused on issue

particular to being single, whole, whole hearted and holy.

BTOP Kingdom Lights:   


Senior’s Ministry at BTOP is called Kingdom Lights.  We believe that our  

senior citizens have gained much wisdom through years of experience

and can share this wisdom by mentoring with others.  They are a vital   

 part of our ministry and serve in many capacities.



BTOP Prayer Warriors:


This prayer ministry supports the needs of the congregation, the pastoral staff, church ministries, the city, county, state, nation, and world.  (Corporate, Individual & Intercessory)

BTOP Notch Teaching Ministry:  


Light for Living All things relating to teacher/instructor classes

BTOP Ministry of Worship

And Sacred Arts:


Ministry in song (All choirs, Praise teams & Banner ministry)

Deaf/HOH BTOP Ministry:


Ministry to the deaf and hard of hearing  using American Sign Language

Our services provide a supportive environment for the hearing impaired and their families.  Located in a special section in the front of our sanctuary, members from our congregation sign throughout our worship and the sermon during our weekly services.

BTOP Door Keepers:


Gatekeepers usher during ministry services and events (in Door-Gate-Peace and outside the building).

BTOP Notch Tech:             


All things audio/visual including sales. The technical branch of our

Ministry oversees the audio and video media. It is charged with making recommendations for equipment repair and replacement.  The ministry is responsible for audio and video recordings of services and events and distribution of for members, visitors, and those members who cannot attend services at the Church.



BTOP Notch Admin/Office:        


This ministry is providing announcement and information of our church activities, upcoming events and all things relating to office administration.               

BTOP Peace Keepers:         


The Security Ministry monitors, observes, and addresses safety issues within the BTOP Church facility to provide a reasonably safe environment for congregants and visitors.

BTOP Everready-Maintenance:   


Maintain campus incl. cleaning, repairs & landscape.

BTOP Bereavement Team:         


Provide meals, cards or flowers for families of BTOP members that have

experienced a loss. Coordinate with the church office and family to prepare a luncheon and serve on the day of the funeral.  

BTOP Notch Marketing Media:         


All things relating to marketing BTOP beyond the four walls including team events, and electronic media

BTOP Notch Engagement:   


All things relating to BTOP/LEC events (works with catering, marketing and all other support teams).

BTOP Hospitality:     


All things relating to catering, events and food service.

BTOP Notch Designing Team    


All things relating to decoration and building design.